PVC Pipe & Fittings

PVC Pipes and Fittings

APPL manufactures exclusive range of pvc pipes and fittings. we manufacture as per IS 4985:2000 standerds in a vide range of 20mm to 315mm with pressure rating classes i.e 2.5kg/cm2 to 12.5 kg/cm2. We offer Pvc pipes that gets joined by solvent cement and fittings for these pipes are manufactured as per IS7894:1987 available in all respective sizes from 20mm-160mm dia for pressure tation classes 4kg/cm2 to 10 kg/cm2.

Benefits of APPL's Pvc pipes :

  • Seam less, Resilient and strong
  • Smoother bore in comparison to G i, C i and Ac pipes , corrosion Free, Resistant to electrolytic, chemical resistant thus better flow and maintenance free
  • Light in weight offers total economy for transportation Handling & installation.
  • Odorless and hygienic for transporting portable water with no contamination.


PVC pipes and fittings are widely used in applications such as :
  • Agriculture
  • Irrigation
  • Portable water supply
  • industrial process lines
  • Fire fighting mains
  • Swimming pools