Sprinkler Irrigation System

APPL's Portable sprinkler irrigation System(U V stabilized) is a unique design to enhance maximum savings of water , easy to installation .as said portable and light weight. this can also be called as artificial raining system light in weight and durable. water is pumped through a network of pipes which can cover a vast area of the field, water is sprayed our through spray heads and nozzles, sprayed in air water is broken-down into small droplets and then falls on the ground to irrigate the entire Area.
APPL's Portable sprinkler systems are made out of virgin PE 63 Grade, HDPE Granules we ensure all our products are high in strength and chemical resistant engineering plastic to achieve efficiency. All our products and thoroughly tested in our lab and on field to achieve uniform Water distribution, to achieve healthier crops.

Benefits of APPL's portable sprinkler systems

  • Easy & Quick to handle/install as this system is light in weight and portable.
  • All the fitments are corrosion Resistant& ultra violet ray stabilized.
  • Fertilizers and chemicals can be easily inserted as these systems are chemical resistant.
  • Tough and Flexible, can be used in all areas with variable topographies with wide range of discharge capable sprinklers.
  • Our sprinkler systems are Durable, Strong and cost effective.

Product Range

Portable Sprinkler irrigation systems are manufactured as per: IS14151 (Part ii) 1999. Our Sprinkler Pipes are available in 6 meters length, along with couplers attached on either ends, in sizes of wide range of sizes ie 50mm, 63mm, 75mm, 90mm, 110mm. Pressure Rating from 2.5kg/cm2 To 3.2kgs cm2.
All our sprinkler fittings are available in respected sizes with a pressure rating 4 kgs /cm2 TO10 kgs/cm2 . All our Sprinkler accessories are available in
1. Regular model Butt weld/Fusion weld.
2. "C" Type Butt weld/Fusion weld.


Field crops: maize, jowar, wheat, Grams, Pulses cotton, Soya bean Ground nuts, Tea, Coffee etc.
Items above listed as :
  1. Sprinkler/Nozzle Plastic
  2. Sprinkler/Nozzle Gunmetal
  3. Bend/Elbow Regular
  4. Tee Regular
  5. H D P E Pipe with male &Female coupler Regular
  6. Adaptor set complete Regular
  7. End cap complete Regular
  8. HDPE Pipe "C" type male coupler
  9. Bend/elbow "C" Type
  10. Tee "C" Type.
  11. Adaptor set with raiser Pipe and Nozzle complete Regular.